Hau, Mitakuye Pi !

Hau, kola pi!
Hello, friends!

Let me introduce myself - my name is Theodor. That's my Bulgarian name which my parents gave me but I accept in the same serious way my warrior-name Big Black Dog. This name I received in the Bulgarian Indian Society "Eagle Circle", a member of which I am.
The birthday of our organization was March 10, 1990. It unites all the Bulgarians who have a serious interest and honest respect in the North American Indians, their authentic history, traditional culture and nowadays. Till this very moment "Eagle Circle" is the only Native American-orientated Society in Bulgaria. It is an "younger relative" of the numerous European Indian organizations which exist in Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, etc. We also succeeded to establish connections with represantatives of Lakota, Blackfeet, Ojibway, Omaha and other Native American nations.Thinking of myself as a part of the Bulgarian Indian Society, I realize that many of the things I could share about myself are common for all the other members of "Eagle Circle". That's why I'd like to recomend you to have a look at:

I personally feel connected by soul with Lakota people; I consider Oglala Lakota as a spiritual nation of mine, although I do respect and treasure ALL the Native American peoples. Together with my friends I try to follow - with heart, mind and spirit - the Lakol Wicohan, the Lakota Way, and through it to help Mother Earth, becoming an Ikce Wicasa, a Natural Human Being. I'll never forget the wisdom of the sacred phrase: "Mitakuye oyasin" (We are all related). That is why I do hope I can find friends from Lakota Oyate and other Native American nations who can teach me better how to walk in Beauty. In the same time I'm looking for adherents on the Sacred Red Path all over the world.


Sunktanka Sapa miyelo
(I am Theodor Big Black Dog)